10 Things to do Before Changing the WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme

On the off chance that you have utilized WordPress Theme, at that point you have most likely exchanged subjects at any rate once in your life. On the off chance that you haven’t, and this is your first time, at that point it is far and away superior. The excellence of WordPress is that it makes it simple for clients to change subjects.

It is actually few ticks away. Be that as it may, changing subjects is considerably more than just clicking actuate. In this article, we will give you an agenda of things that you MUST do before changing WordPress Theme topics. These means are basic to ensure the procedure goes easily else you can wind up losing components that you didn’t intend to lose.

10 Things to do Before Changing the WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme


  • Take Notes on Your Current Theme

Numerous WordPress clients surf the web to discover answers for their issues. Regularly they discover those arrangements in type of pieces that they include physically in their subject, for example, the functions.php or another record. Since these progressions were influenced once, to individuals have a propensity of not recollecting that them. Experience your topic grinds and note down all extra code that you included. You additionally need to check your present topic’s heap time since along these lines you can think about the two.


  • Be careful of the Sidebars

You should ensure that your new topic is gadget prepared. Sidebar gadgets are truly simple to utilize consequently a great deal of clients utilize it to redo it. We see that sidebars are presumably the most client modified zone of WordPress locales. Individuals roll out huge amounts of improvements, for example, including custom writings, pictures, connections, ad, and different gadgets. On the off chance that you are utilizing a gadget empowered topic, and you change to a topic that isn’t gadget prepared, at that point you will lose the greater part of that. In the event that you are utilizing a gadget empowered WordPress Theme topic, at that point this isn’t an issue.

Likewise anything that you adjust in sidebar.php record of your old topic, will be overwritten. So ensure that you include those codes in the new topic sidebar.


  • Try not to lose following

Most bloggers utilize some kind of investigation whether it be Google Analytics, or one of alternate administrations. A great deal of us don’t utilize modules to include the following codes. A few of us open the footer.php record and adjust the codes. Some of our topics have a spot to put the adsense code. Whichever one is your case, you need to ensure that you reorder your following code to your new subject. This is something that is usually ignored by clients. Since it is so straightforward, the majority of us forget about it.


  • The Good ‘ol RSS would you say you are working?

A considerable measure of us utilize FeedBurner for our WordPress RSS Feeds. One of the parts of incorporating FeedBurner into WordPress is indicating your default nourishes FeedBurner along these lines you can have examination on your sustain endorsers. A ton of topics like Genesis, Standard Theme, and others enable you to coordinate FeedBurner from their settings board. You have to ensure that you keep the sustain coordinated to FeedBurner generally there will be two RSS channels for your blog. The primary WordPress one, and the FeedBurner one which is taking the information from your WordPress RSS Feed. But, you will lose check of a great deal of the supporter that you had in light of the fact that they were subscribed utilizing the/bolster/url which never again indicates FeedBurner. Once more, this does not mean you lose them, it just implies that you can’t see them in the FeedBurner check.


  • Reinforcement!!

You never have anything to lose by making a reinforcement. As a careful step, you should reinforcement the greater part of your subject records, modules, and the database. Albeit nothing ought to happen, yet you can never be to safe


  • Upkeep Mode

You likely don’t need your clients to see while you are doing the switch since they will wind up observing a broken site or such. It is best to turn on Maintenance mode for 15 – 20 minutes that it might take you to ensure that everything is working appropriately. When you have setup Maintenance mode, you are ready ahead and initiate the new topic.


  • Testing all usefulness and modules

When you have the new subject enacted, you have to ensure that you hold all the usefulness modules still work. Keep in mind that great ol’ notes list that you made in stage 1. This is where that can come convenient. Backpedal and include any usefulness that you need to bring from the old subject into the new topic in the event that you haven’t done as such as of now. Experiment with every one of the highlights including however not restricted to the remarking procedure, single post pages, seek, 404 page, file page, contact page and so forth. Ensure the greater part of your gadgets are still there and are working.

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On the module front, you simply need to ensure that the designing is as yet the same. A ton of modules use your current styles to show their yield. So you likely need to ensure that regardless they look great with the new topic.


  • Cross Browser Compatibility

Test your site in all programs you approach. Programs have an inclination of rendering things in an unexpected way. Uniquely Internet Explorer. You need to ensure that your outline looks great in real programs. Some entirely looking subjects have an inclination of softening up different programs. So if a ton of your group of onlookers is utilizing Internet Explorer, at that point you need to ensure that it is as yet open to them.


  • Influence those Third Party Items to look beautiful

In the event that you are utilizing Google Adsense or another promotion organization that enables you to arrange them, at that point your most solid option is to redo them. For instance, you past site was orange, so you had orange connections for Google Adsense. Presently on the off chance that it is blue, at that point you likely need to consider.

Same goes for twitter gadget, facebook like catches and so forth. Modify those with your new shading plan. On the off chance that you are going from a light to a dull plan, or the other way around, at that point you have to roll out those improvements.


  • Tell your Users

Kill upkeep mode, and compose a brisk blog entry to tell the clients. Notice, you just spent like 15 – 20 minutes on checking things. Its absolutely impossible that you could’ve get every one of the bugs. By telling your clients, you can hope to get bug reports. Ask your crowd by means of twitter, facebook and so on to check whether the site looks great in their program. On the off chance that they say YES, at that point its uplifting news. In the event that they say NO, at that point request that they please take a screenshot of the issue. You can investigate the issue and attempt to settle it. On the off chance that you can’t settle it, at that point generously solicit the designer from the topic to settle it. Notice: unless you paid for the topic, these designers are NOT required to settle those issues for FREE.

Individuals have all kind of programs, screen resolutions, and so forth, so getting their feeling is essential. Remember to remind your RSS perusers to visit the site too, so they can see the treats.


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