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Pondering what are the most costly premium WordPress subjects in the market? These are the most costly WordPress topics as of now available to be purchased on ThemeForest. These expensive WordPress subjects begin from a fairly sensible $252 and go as far as possible up to a bewildering $1,000! For that kind of cash would expect an entirely inconceivable topic right? All things considered, these costly WordPress subjects are really horrible!

ThemeForest is notable as a place where you can buy sensibly evaluated WordPress topics. Topic costs regularly run from $35 to $69 each. Up until late 2016, ThemeForest controlled the costs of WordPress subjects. ThemeForest staff set the cost of each topic in view of their subjective judgment of the quality, many-sided quality, potential free market activity, contender valuing and so forth. Subject creators had no power over what value their topics were sold at.

However in September 2016 Envato empowered creator driven valuing for WordPress topics on ThemeForest. This permitted subject creators to set the value they wish to offer their topic for.

At the point when creator driven topic valuing was first presented there was some worry about a race to the base. A circumstance where solid value rivalry would push down subject costs to a point where it would be unbeneficial for a few creators to make and offer WordPress topics on the commercial center.

There was some underlying testing by a few creators that brought about topic costs run from a ludicrously modest $13 as far as possible up to a ridiculous $1,000,000!

However with showcase powers, and the presentation of new estimating aides and standards from Envato, the normal cost of subjects on ThemeForest now is about the same (or conceivably a bit lower) than before creator driven evaluating was presented.

There are a considerable measure of extremely modest WordPress topics on ThemeForest, however two or three creators have chosen to take full preferred standpoint of the flexibility to set their own costs, and set them high. The following are the 5 most costly WordPress topics at present available to be purchased on ThemeForest.


Utopia – $252

Premium WordPress Themes

Utopia is a multipurpose business WordPress topic from RuvenThemes. The topic was discharged in June 2012 and last refreshed in 2015. It’s had 1,031 deals. The business duplicate cases it is a “Premium WordPress Theme expand on a stone strong system … and can be utilized for various purposes and gives you an assortment of customization alternatives”.



Polyon – $252

Premium WordPress Themes

Polyon is another business WordPress subject from RuvenThemes once more. To begin with discharged in 2011 and advertised as a “cutting edge WordPress topic of the people to come”, it was last refreshed in 2015. The topic is route past its utilized by date with what is presently an exceptionally a non specific and dated plan. Polyon has 1,516 deals to date, yet I would state it’s probably not going to get any more.



Mukam – $350

Premium WordPress Themes

Mukam is a one of those multipurpose across the board write WordPress subjects that guarantees to be any sort of site you need and is stuffed brimming with highlights. At the end of the day an enlarged topic that will end up being a bad dream later on the off chance that you wrongly build a site with it. It’s evaluated at $350 and no help is incorporated. Made by BliccaThemes in December 2013 it was last refreshed in mid 2017, with an aggregate of 674 deals to date.



BlogU – $999

Premium WordPress Themes

BlogU is a multi-creator magazine and blog WordPress topic from a creator called uouapps. It’s estimated at $999. Discharged in April 2016 it really resembles a respectable topic from the screenshot pictures. However there is no live see accessible for the topic it’s difficult to judge what the subject is extremely similar to. BlogU has had 25 deals, however the creator clearly wouldn’t like to offer any more duplicates.



Creative Zodiac – $1,000

Premium WordPress Themes

Creative Zodiac is a portfolio and blog WordPress topic from creator FRESHFACE. The topic costs $1000 and no help is given. It was made in March 2010 and last refreshed in July 2012. It has 795 deals. In the remarks segment on the subject’s ThemeForest page a man inquired as to for what reason does it cost $1000? The creator’s reaction: “since we can”.

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The creator is really actualizing a somewhat dodgy strategy of diverting the live review interface for the subject to one of their other more up to date topics available to be purchased. When this shady advertising practice goes to the consideration of Envato it won’t not be the most costly subject for any longer.

As should be obvious the creators of these subjects are extremely simply “taking the piss” with those sticker prices! The greater part of the subjects have had a ‘better than average’ number of offers, yet are presently well past their utilized by dates with rather dated outlines.

Whatever the explanation behind the high costs – showcasing traps, presentation, advantage, a joke, or on the grounds that they can, I’m certain the creators don’t anticipate that anybody will really buy these topics any more.

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