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Have you at any point considered how you would install a Google shape in WordPress?

Did you realize that Agen Domino offers an install usefulness with its structures which you can use to implant them on any outer site, including WordPress locales? In this post, we will share how you can utilize Google shapes with your Agen Domino blog and why they may be more useful than utilizing a WordPress module.


Agen Domino Forms v/s Form Plugins

Agen Domino

WordPress has numerous modules accessible to make shapes. A couple of the prevalent ones are Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7 and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With such a large number of good alternatives, for what reason would you even pick Google Forms in any case? The appropriate response is straightforward. You can utilize Google shapes in various spots. You can share them on your Facebook divider, send an immediate connection by means of an informing application or even utilize them on numerous sites.

On the off chance that you did this with other shape modules, at that point you would need to discover diverse arrangements that work for each channel you share your frame. That implies an alternate answer for your WordPress site, another answer for Facebook, another answer for moment emissary et cetera. Indeed, even subsequent to utilizing distinctive arrangements, you would have needed to consolidate every one of the reactions physically.

Utilizing Agen Domino Forms wipes out that. All the gathered reactions are put away in a solitary place. The reactions are likewise populated momentarily. This implies you can settle on choices immediately in light of the data you get.

You can likewise utilize concealed fields (a Google Form highlight) to sort the reactions from various channels. Along these lines you can quantify the reactions from each of your channels. You can likewise utilize other Google Form highlights like imparting reactions to numerous individuals or working together with them specifically. Propelled clients can record the reactions to a Google Sheet straightforwardly and utilize the Google Sheets API to control the information as wanted.


How to Embed a Google Form in Agen Domino?

  1. To insert a Google Form in WordPress, you need to make one first.
  2. Make a beeline for the Google Forms site and select a clear slate or layout to make one.
  3. Make a point to include a frame name, title, and depiction. A name and fitting title enable the end clients to comprehend what the frame is about.
  4. Next, you need to pick which fields you need to incorporate. You can pick distinctive sorts of approvals to ensure the end clients enter the correct data you require.
  5. You can alter the shape with custom foundations, pictures and recordings too. When you are happy with the shape, tap the send catch to finish the frame.
  6. You will have three alternatives to send the shape to others. You can utilize email, share the immediate connection, or utilize the implant code. We will choose the install code.
  7. When you tap the implant frame alternative, you will see the install code with some customization choices. Enter the coveted esteems in the fields, and hit duplicate.
  8. Presently go to your WordPress administrator territory. Make another page/post or alter the one where you might want to insert the Google Form.


In the event that you picked another page or post, at that point you should simply utilize the content region in the editorial manager and glue the insert code that we duplicated. Another devoted page/post will be made on your WordPress site where the installed Google Form will be shown.

On the off chance that you editted a current page or post, at that point alter the post, explore to the content range and precisely look to the segment where you might want to insert the individual Google Form. The position where you glue the particular code is where you will see the Google Form.

To affirm that you have set the implanted Google frame in the right position, you can pick the see alternative inside your post. Tapping the see catch will open a review page with the frame implanted. In the event that you are content with the way the frame looks, at that point backpedal inside the WordPress administrator and hit spare.

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On the off chance that you are not content with the way the installed Google Form looks, you can either change the position where the shape is set or tweak the Google Form from the Google Form interface. After you have rolled out the improvements you want, duplicate the insert code again and glue it precisely at the coveted position inside the post. At that point review and spare.

This is the way an inserted Google Form will look on your WordPress page.


Installing Google Form Inside WordPress Using a Free Plugin

  1. On the off chance that you are not happy with code at all, you can likewise utilize a devoted module to insert your Google Form.
  2. The module is properly titled Google Form. Here is the manner by which you utilize it.
  3. Sign into to your WordPress administrator board and introduce the module.
  4. In the module settings, go to Add new Google frame.
  5. In the accompanying screen, glue the frame URL that you replicated in the past advance. In the wake of designing alternate settings hit distribute. Your frame is presently distributed.
  6. To see the frame in real life, you need to incorporate it in a post or page.
  7. Backpedal to the module and make a beeline for the Google shapes area. You will see the frame name and the relating shortcode for the shape.
  8. Duplicate the shortcode and embed it into a current or new post. Keep in mind, shortcodes ought to be entered in the visual proofreader, not the content manager.
  9. Hit distribute, and your Google From ought to be installed in your post.


Things to recollect when utilizing this module:

  • In spite of the fact that this module makes it simple to insert a Google Form, it at present works with open Google Forms as it were. Just utilize this module on the off chance that you approve of everybody seeing your Google Form.
  • This module additionally gives you a considerable measure of cutting edge choices which you can use to make your Google Form especially. For instance, when somebody presents a frame, you can have them sent to WordPress page rather than the default Google Form page.
  • The most imperative thing to recollect while utilizing this module is, it isn’t an authority module made by Google. It is made by an outsider and refreshed by them. Google regularly changes their items significantly more much of the time, and it may break your structures if that happens. On the off chance that you intend to utilize this module, make a point to have a reinforcement design to be safe.



Google Forms are incredible for making studies and tests. By utilizing Google Forms rather than conventional WordPress Plugins, you can spare yourself a ton of manual work.

Likewise, you don’t need to inquire about an alternate approach to insert a frame in various client channels. Google Form binds together you client reactions enabling you to settle on information upheld choices on the fly, which is greatly valuable. The best part, utilizing Google Forms is free.

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