How to Fix: Destination Folder Already Exists

Destination Folder Already Exists

Is it accurate to say that you are seeing ‘Goal envelope as of now exists’ blunder in WordPress? This mistake more often than not happens amid the establishment of a topic or a module which keeps you from completing the establishment procedure. In this article, we will demonstrate to you proper methodologies to settle goal organizer as of now exists mistake in WordPress.


What Causes Destination Folder Already Exists Error in WordPress?

This blunder happens when you are attempting to introduce a WordPress subject or module. WordPress separates your module or subject’s compress record into an organizer named after the document itself.

On the off chance that an envelope with a similar name as of now exists, at that point WordPress prematurely ends the establishment with the accompanying blunder message:

Goal envelope as of now exists. /home/client/


Module introduce fizzled.

The main thing that you ought to do is visit your subjects or modules page to check whether you have it as of now introduced on your site.

On the off chance that it isn’t as of now introduced, at that point this could mean two things:

1. A past endeavor to erase the module or topic didn’t succeed, and it exited the module/subject organizer behind.

2. A past establishment endeavor was hindered and left an unfilled goal envelope.

In either case, there is an envelope with an indistinguishable name from the topic or module you are endeavoring to introduce. This envelope is preventing WordPress from finishing the establishment.

That being stated, we should investigate how to effortlessly unravel goal envelope as of now exists blunder in WordPress.


Settling Destination Folder Already Exists Error in WordPress

To begin with you should associate with your WordPress site utilizing a FTP customer or cPanel File Manager.

Once associated, you have to go to the/wp-content/modules/or/wp-content/subjects/organizer (contingent upon what you were attempting to introduce).

Presently, search for the envelope named after the module or subject that you were endeavoring to introduce and afterward erase it.

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You would now be able to backpedal to your WordPress administrator range and retry introducing the module or topic like you would typically do.

You ought to have the capacity to introduce your WordPress module or subject with no mistake.

We trust this article helped you figure out how to effortlessly settle goal envelope as of now exists mistake in WordPress. You may likewise need to see our definitive rundown of the most widely recognized WordPress blunders and how to settle them.

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